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Cruising Free! The Biggest Secret In Travel.

Cruising Free! is our official name for an exciting, rewarding, and lucrative career opportunity we offer to those special individuals wishing to embark upon a fast paced career in travel.

Cruising Free! is a home based business opportunity that offers the likes of none other. With our plan, you will have the opportunity to travel the world, have FUN aboard today's biggest and best cruise ships, and most importantly, EARN MONEY. *On average, you can expect to earn $175.00 for each cruise package you sell. Less for shorter duration, 3 day cruise packages. More for longer duration, and/or upscale cruise packages.

When you become proficient as a travel professional, the total time it takes normally to book a single cruise package over the life cycle of the booking is about an hour. Less time for shorter duration cruise packages. Possibly more time for complex, longer duration packages. *On average, though, the total time taken will translate to about a $175.00 per hour pay rate.

Cruising Free Opportunity!
Do you know that under our plan, if you sell multiple cruise packages which travel on the same date and on the same ship (a "group" in travel jargon), then you can literally CRUISE FOR FREE!.

This is the BIGGEST SECRET in the travel industry....and we are proud to offer that option to you as a Cruise Brothers associate. And, are you ready for this...*you can even receive commissions on those cruise packages booked as part of that very same group.

We believe that our program is second to none. We are hard pressed to find any home based business opportunity that offers the ability to travel the world and earn money at the same time.....without a huge capital investment.

Our Committment To You!

As a Cruise Brothers associate, we'll provide you with everything needed to become successful in the world of travel. Some of the benefits provided include:

The Most Rewarding Compensation In The Cruise Industry Based On Your Sales
You will enjoy the most rewarding compensation in the cruise industry based on your sales! Because we are a high volume agency, many vendors offer us special incentives which in turn, allow you to earn more.

Access to Thousands of Proprietary Deals!
Year after year, Cruise Brothers consistently ranks among the top producers with Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian, Celebrity and Carnival allowing us to offer the best prices available. As a CruisingFree.com Associate you will have access to thousands of proprietary deals!

Technical Sales And Training
We understand the value of product and sales training and present opportunities for you to gain knowledge with weekly conference calls, emails, and our home based agent website.

Sales Contests
We also do "nifty things" like having sales contests with free Cruises, Cash bonuses, rewards and other great prizes! We do like to spice it up. After all, we do sell FUN as a product.

Award Winning Customer Service And Support
Every single booking goes through an extensive quality assurance program. All documents are double checked for accuracy. Our team is here to help and they do it your way. We are confident we can answer any questions you may have when assisting clients on their next adventure. As cruise brokers, we stand behind every booking and our family name and values are the foundation of your confidence in us.

Are There Any Costs For This Exciting Business Opportunity?
Currently, NO!. However, if you would like a personally branded website where customers can book right online and you get credited with the sale, then there is an additional fee for that. Also, if you'd like to make miscellaneous brand oriented business purchases such as business cards, stationary, etc, then there are small costs for that as well.

Receive Our Member Kit
If you elect to purchase a website and your personalized business cards, we'll gladly send them to you in the form of Our Member Kit. It comes with everything you need to get started!

We Are Looking For Experienced Travel Professionals As Well!

If you are already an experienced travel agent, we have special opportunities for you as well. If you are not satisfied with your current host agency, or you want to be part of an organization with incredible buying power, then give us a call. We'd love to hear from you and look forward to developing a win win business relationship.

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*Disclaimer: Cruiselines and economic conditions determine the amount of commission received on any particular cruise sale. Our statements are our best estimates and derive from years of experience in the industry.